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Sublue at Boot Dusseldorf 2024

Boot Düsseldorf, the prestigious international trade fair for pleasure boating, was once again the scene of innovative presentations, particularly in the underwater scooter sector. Among the exhibitors, Sublue stood out, affirming its position as a leader in the field. This article explores the impact of this participation on Sublue’s visibility and development.


Sublue: Innovation leader in underwater scooters

History and development of Sublue

Founded with the vision of revolutionising the diving experience, Sublue has quickly established itself as a benchmark in underwater scooters. At Boot Düsseldorf, the company presented its latest innovations, including the highly anticipated Vapor, an underwater scooter that promises smooth navigation and an unrivalled immersive experience. These products reflect Sublue’s commitment to quality, innovation and an exceptional user experience.

Presentation of Sublue's flagship products, with a focus on the new products presented at the yacht show

The full range of scooter-submarines

Méticuleusement organisé et préparé par l’équipe de Sublue Allemagne, le stand présent au Boot Düsseldorf a fièrement mis en avant la marque, dévoilant sa gamme complète de scooters sous-marins. 

The models on display, including the Whiteshark Mix, Mix Pro, Navbow and Navbow+, and their accessories, embodied Sublue’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Each product on display was a testament to Sublue’s quality and cutting-edge technology.

Sublue’s Vapor, a remarkable innovation in the field of water sports, was presented at Boot Düsseldorf, captivating the attention of visitors and professionals alike. Sublue’s flagship product, which combines cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design, was at the centre of discussions, illustrating the company’s commitment to pushing back the boundaries of underwater exploration.

This new product will be available in spring 2024.

Le Robot-piscine

The Sublue stand also featured a remarkable pool robot, highlighting the brand’s wealth of technological innovation.

Packed with advanced features, this robot represents a significant advance in pool automation and cleaning, offering unrivalled efficiency and convenience to pool owners.

The outboard engine

Sublue’s recent foray into the marine sector, with the launch of its outboard motor, marks a major milestone in the company’s history. Initially acclaimed for its compact and innovative underwater scooters, the brand is now broadening its horizons with the introduction of this outboard motor, a product that is both versatile and robust, designed to meet the demands of a variety of activities on the water.

This outboard motor illustrates Sublue’s commitment to innovation beyond its chosen field. With a design focused on power.

Boot Düsseldorf, the essential boat show

The importance of Boot Düsseldorf

Boot Düsseldorf is a must-attend event for brands like Sublue, which specialise in underwater scooters. This international trade fair represents an exceptional opportunity for Sublue to demonstrate its leadership in innovation and strengthen its presence on the world market.

Participation in this event allows Sublue to showcase its latest creations, attracting the attention of boating enthusiasts and professionals alike. These interactions are essential for Sublue’s expansion into key markets such as France, and for staying at the cutting edge of technology in the underwater scooter sector. In short, Boot Düsseldorf is much more than a trade show for Sublue: it’s a catalyst for its development and international success.

User experience and features of Sublue scooters

Find out more about the immersive experience offered by Sublue scooters.

The reaction of visitors and professionals to Sublue products at trade fairs, exhibitions and demonstrations has often been one of enthusiasm and curiosity. Sublue, renowned for its innovations in the field of aquatic equipment, particularly underwater scooters, is attracting attention with its products that combine modern design, performance and respect for the environment.

The experience offered by Sublue at Boot Düsseldorf was not limited to the presentation of products. Visitors were invited to experience total immersion through navigation simulators and captivating videos, allowing them to feel the power and agility of Sublue’s underwater scooters. Testimonials from people who have experienced these scooters underlined Sublue’s commitment to quality and innovation, reinforcing its reputation among marine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Sublue shines at Boot Düsseldorf 2024: Innovation and expansion in the boating world

Sublue’s participation at Boot Düsseldorf 2024 marked a high point for the brand, underlining its leading role in underwater scooter innovation and beyond. Showcasing a wide range of products, from the iconic Vapor to cutting-edge solutions such as the pool robot and outboard motor, Sublue demonstrated its ability to push the boundaries of aquatic technology. The show not only raised Sublue’s profile on the international stage, but also highlighted its commitment to enriching the water sports experience with cutting-edge products. Through direct interaction with the public and professionals, Sublue consolidated its reputation as an innovator, proving that its influence extends far beyond diving to the entire marine sector.

In conclusion, Boot Düsseldorf 2024 was not only a showcase for Sublue’s latest innovations; it was also a testament to the brand’s continuing evolution, ready to sail towards new horizons in the boating industry.

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