Vapor - underwater scooter

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The fastest mini underwater scooter


Discover the future of underwater exploration with Sublue’s all-new Vapor underwater scooter. More powerful than ever, the Vapor is designed to push the limits of your aquatic adventures.

Unique features

Discover Sublue’s Vapor, the revolutionary underwater scooter that redefines underwater exploration. With its powerful single-engine engine capable of speeds of up to 9 km/h and diving depths of up to 40 meters, the Vapor offers an unrivalled diving experience. Designed for water sports enthusiasts, it combines power and comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. With three adjustable speeds and a display showing essential information in real time, the Vapor is the perfect tool for underwater adventurers in search of exciting and safe explorations.

The Vapor is equipped with a powerful single turbine that propels you at speeds of up to 9 km/h, enabling you to navigate seamlessly in the deep sea. Dive to depths of 40 meters with confidence and discover a fascinating underwater world.

The Vapor offers exceptional versatility thanks to its three adjustable speeds. Choose the speed that best suits your diving style, whether for slow, relaxed exploration or a more dynamic adventure.

Vapor’s integrated display provides you with essential real-time information to make your dives even safer and more enjoyable. Track depth, speed and battery remaining at a glance, keeping you focused on exploration.

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For water sports enthusiasts

This underwater scooter has been specially designed for water sports enthusiasts and underwater adventurers. Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable driving experience, while its impressive power guarantees thrills on every dive.