Diving ?
It's easy

With the submarine scooters Sublue

High-performance technology

Our advantages

Compact size underwater scooters, usable by children, women and men of all sizes, at sea and in the pool.

Lightweight and portable

Scooters and their removable batteries are allowed on planes

Fast and efficient

Surprising power and speed for a small size


Explore the seabed up to 40m deep

Suitable for action cameras

All our scooters are compatible with sports and action camera support (GoPro type)

Integrated app

The SublueGo mobile application for more safety and information about your dives

Rechargeable batteries

Removable and rechargeable Lithium batteries change in seconds

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our range of underwater scooters

In the twin-engine range, find the most efficient thrusters on the market

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whiteshark universe

The Whiteshark Tini modular underwater scooter is revolutionizing the world of aquatic thrusters. The Tini alone is already powerful and is enough for everyone, especially for snorkeling with fins, masks and snorkels. To be used with or without a float. The more athletic can combine two or even three Tini scooters to have incredible power and speed underwater. Gliding sensations guaranteed.

Discover the full range of Whiteshark Tini thrusters

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Which scooter is right for you?

We are proud of the modularity and versatility of our underwater scooters, but we also know that choosing the right equipment is essential for a successful holiday.

Diving and exploring

Does the underwater adventure tempt you? Challenge the depths with the Navbow or Navbow +. Or bet on speed to see even more during your dive with the Triple Tini.

Fun with friends

Races with friends, pirouettes in the water? Bet on the versatility of Whiteshark Mix or Mix Pro. Or try a motorized paddle ride with the WhiteShark Tini Sup Kit.

Water sports

Small and not bulky, the Tini can quickly become your children's favorite toy: alone, with a float or an inflatable board. And for the little ones, test the SWII, our motorized board.


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