Underwater explorations, moments of relaxation under and on the water are yours... This top-of-the-range underwater scooter combines many features in a single device, leaving nothing to be desired. The Sublue underwater scooter is the perfect way to take your underwater explorations to the next level.

scooter sous marin sublue WhiteShark mix sur un siège dans un kayak

VAPOR 2024 : Le scooter sous marin le plus puissant de Sublue

Découvrez le Vapor de Sublue. Grâce à sa mono-turbine, il peut atteindre une vitesse de 10 km/h et plonger jusqu’à des profondeurs de 40 mètres. Conçu spécialement pour les amateurs de sports nautiques, il associe puissance et confort grâce à son design ergonomique. Doté de trois niveaux de vitesse réglables et d’un écran affichant des informations essentielles en temps réel, le Vapor est le scooter sous marin parfait pour les aventuriers sous-marins en quête d’explorations passionnantes et en toute sécurité. Disponible au printemps 2024.


Le robot nettoyeur de piscine autonome qui simplifie l’entretien de votre piscine. Grâce à sa technologie sans fil et intelligente, il assure un nettoyage précis et efficace. Avec ses quatre roues, son compartiment de filtrage de 4,5 litres et sa précision de 180 μm il garantit une eau cristalline. Contrôlez facilement votre BlueNexus via une application mobile pour une piscine propre sans effort.     Le BlueNexus est bien plus qu’un simple robot nettoyeur de piscine vous permettant de profiter pleinement de votre piscine. Découvrez comment le BlueNexus peut révolutionner votre expérience de piscine.

famille jouent avec scooter sous marin sublue hagul ez

Hagul Ez: the new ideal underwater scooter for the pool by Sublue

The Hagul EZ underwater scooter from Sublue is the perfect novelty for diving and pool enthusiasts. Designed to be easy to use, precise and practical for every aquatic adventure, the Hagul EZ is the perfect companion for hours of underwater fun. With its ergonomic handle and light weight of 3.5 kg, you can easily take it with you in your travel bag. Thanks to its built-in lithium battery that lasts up to 50 minutes, you can enjoy your aquatic adventure with complete peace of mind. Discover the Hagul EZ underwater scooter and dive into a unique and fun aquatic experience.

High-performance technology

Our advantages

Compact in size, usable by children, women and men of all sizes, at sea and in the pool, Sublue underwater scooters are a modern and exciting way to explore the depths of the sea!

These premium, lightweight, electric scooters give riders the freedom to cover huge distances in a fraction of the time it would take without a scooter.

By being able to navigate quickly, divers can go further out to sea and visit less accessible and much more interesting sites that would otherwise have gone unseen.

Sublue underwater scooters also provide a sense of safety in the water, as these devices can be used at depths of up to 40 meters.

Also, these underwater scooters can save you energy on longer dives, so you can enjoy each one more!

With all its benefits, it's no wonder Sublue underwater scooters are a popular choice among novice and experienced divers alike.

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Lightweight and portable

Looking for the perfect way to explore the underwater world? The underwater scooter is capable of giving you an experience that is both exciting and fun. Lightweight, it won't be difficult to take it wherever you go, scooters and their removable batteries are allowed on planes. The Sublue underwater thruster is everything you could want in an aquatic exploration device: light, portable, powerful, safe and secure.

icon speed

Fast and efficient

Power and a surprising maximum speed for a reduced size. This revolutionary design allows you to weave through the water like never before like James Bond. With speeds of up to 8.5 km/h, you can explore deeper and faster than ever before for up to 60 minutes depending on model! Ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling and exploring. Experience aquatic life in a whole new way.

icon 40m


If you've ever been on the water and dreamed of taking an exciting underwater journey, the Sublue underwater scooter is here to make that vision a reality. Thanks to its waterproof construction, the Sublue underwater scooter will help you explore the wonders of life below the surface in a fun and exciting way, exploring the seabed up to 40m deep.

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Suitable for action cameras

All of our underwater scooters are compatible with sports and action camera support (GoPro, DJI..) so you can capture all your amazing experiences! Say goodbye to boring dives and see what few people have ever seen.

icon app control

Integrated app

The Sublue underwater scooter offers more advantages than one might imagine. The SublueGo mobile application to ensure your safety and read information about your dives. You don't have to worry about missing crucial information. Discover a truly unique way to explore the world below the surface!

icon autonomie

Rechargeable batteries

The removable and rechargeable Lithium ion batteries can be changed in a few seconds and recharged in less than 3 hours for an autonomy of 60 minutes depending on the model. This will allow you to enjoy underwater scooters without worrying about the battery level. The lithium ion battery of underwater scooters is waterproof, so there is no risk in putting it under water. Our customer service will answer any questions.

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our range of underwater scooters

In the twin-engine range, find the most efficient thrusters on the market

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whiteshark universe

The Whiteshark Tini modular underwater scooter is revolutionizing the world of aquatic thrusters. The Tini alone is already powerful and is enough for everyone, especially for snorkeling with fins, masks and snorkels. To be used with or without a float. The more athletic can combine two or even three Tini scooters to have incredible power and speed underwater. Gliding sensations guaranteed.

scooter sous marin sublue WhiteShark Tini
Discover the full range of Whiteshark Tini thrusters

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Which scooter is right for you?

We are proud of the modularity and versatility of our underwater scooters, but we also know that choosing the right equipment is essential for a successful holiday.

scooter sous marin sublue mix a coté d'un grand poisson

Diving and exploring

Does the underwater adventure tempt you? Challenge the depths with the Navbow or Navbow +. Or bet on speed to see even more during your dive with the Triple Tini.
couple qui court sur la plage au bord de l'eau avec un scooter sous marin sublue

Fun with friends

Races with friends, pirouettes in the water? Bet on the versatility of Whiteshark Mix or Mix Pro. Or try a motorized paddle ride with the WhiteShark Tini Sup Kit.
deux jeunes enfants qui jouent dans la piscine avec un scooter sous marin sublue mix

Water sports

Small and not bulky, the Tini can quickly become your children's favorite toy: alone, with a float or an inflatable board. And for the little ones, test the SWII, our motorized board.


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