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The new Sublue pool robot: the BlueNexus

The new cordless pool cleaner

The advent of modern technology has transformed many aspects of our daily lives, including pool maintenance, an area that benefits greatly from technological innovation. Sublue, a recognised leader in the design of underwater scooters and top-of-the-range diving equipment, is presenting its latest masterpiece: the new pool robot. This product promises to revolutionise pool cleaning thanks to its innovative approach and advanced wireless technology.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the features, design and performance of this robot cleaner, which is a must-have for pool owners who want to combine efficiency and simplicity.

The market for robotic pool cleaners is vast, but Sublue’s new robot stands out for its cordless technology and remarkable autonomy. Inspired by underwater scooter technology, this robot offers unprecedented mobility in the water, enabling complete and effective cleaning without the constraints of cables. The long-lasting battery ensures exhaustive coverage of the entire pool, including hard-to-reach areas such as the walls and bottom.

Intelligent mapping technology is another technological feat of this robot, enabling it to navigate autonomously and optimise its cleaning path.

This capability ensures complete coverage of the pool surface, guaranteeing that every square centimetre is cleaned with precision.

Design and functions of the BlueNexus pool robot

As well as its technological performance, the Sublue BlueNexuss pool robot also impresses with its elegant design and innovative functions. The emphasis placed on ergonomics makes this robot not only easy on the eye, but also easy for users to handle. The powerful suction system, combined with a high-quality filter, effectively captures debris, ensuring crystal-clear pool water.

Advanced features such as the adjustable float and innovative filtration system underline Sublue’s commitment to quality and efficiency. These features ensure that the robot adapts to different types and sizes of pool, offering a versatile and complete cleaning solution.

User experience and performance

From the user’s point of view, the BlueNexus pool robot from Sublue shines through its ease of installation and use. The product’s intuitive design allows users to get it up and running quickly, without the need for technical expertise. Cleaning performance is exceptional, with optimised energy efficiency and durability making it a long-term investment in pool maintenance.

User feedback highlights general satisfaction with the quality of cleaning, ease of maintenance and peace of mind the robot offers. This level of performance, combined with a hassle-free user experience, makes the Sublue pool robot a preferred choice for pool owners.

Innovative BlueNexus features

Intelligent navigation technology

The BlueNexus uses advanced navigation technology to efficiently map the pool, enabling systematic and thorough cleaning of all surfaces, including the walls and bottom.

Powerful cleaning system

With its superior suction power, the robot efficiently removes debris, leaves and dirt, leaving the pool water crystal clear.

Ease of maintenance

The BlueNexus is designed for easy maintenance, with simplified access to the filter basket, which can be emptied and cleaned quickly.

The 180 μm filtration accuracy ensures that even the finest particles are captured, ensuring crystal-clear water.

No collision with walls

The coordinated interaction of various sensors ensures precise detection of pool contours, stairs and obstacles. This advanced system enables the robot to moderate its speed and orientate itself preventively, guaranteeing meticulous control of its trajectory. This approach prevents sudden collisions and avoids potential damage to the pool that could result from intensive use.

Revolutionary performance and autonomy

Discover the remarkable efficiency of Sublue’s new pool cleaner, a concentrate of power and endurance for the maintenance of your aquatic space. With an impressive suction capacity of 100 watts, this robot offers robust suction power for deep, effective cleaning, removing debris and impurities at a remarkable 17 metres per hour. What’s more, its ingenious design gives it up to 210 minutes of autonomy, allowing you to clean your entire pool in a single session. Rely on the Sublue pool cleaner for impeccable water and worry-free maintenance.

The evolution of the robot cleaner with Sublue

The BlueNexus pool cleaner from Sublue represents the future of pool maintenance, offering an unrivalled combination of advanced technology, stylish design and exceptional performance. For those looking to simplify pool maintenance while ensuring impeccable results, this cleaner is the perfect solution. With its innovative approach and commitment to quality, Sublue continues to redefine the standards of pool cleaning, making this product a must-have for pool enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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