scooter sous-marin

Whiteshark mix

Sublue whiteshark Mix

Single Speed ​​Underwater Scooter

Double propeller to combine power and balance

Powerful and portable, the Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter is highly regarded in the world of diving and snorkeling. Very handy and very light, it adapts easily to all members of the family: children and parents alike. Ideal for the sea and the pool, snorkeling and scuba diving, this small thruster will allow you to explore the seabed like you have never done before and to perform pirouettes according to your imagination.

Underwater scooter Whiteshark Mix

Explore the seabed in a whole new way

Sublue Whiteshark Mix

The strong points

Grilles de sécurité

Les deux hélices sont équipées de grilles de sécurité pour éviter toutes blessures

Conception basse tension

Pour plus de sûreté et un moindre impact sur la vie marine

Flotteur amovible

Gagnez en stabilité tout en gardant l'aspect compact et la facilité de transport

Boutons ergonomiques

Pour la facilité d'utilisation et la
maniabilité à 360°

Removable floater
Gain stability while keeping the compact appearance and ease of transport
Ergonomic buttons
For ease of use and 360° maneuverability
Security grids
The two propellers are equipped with safety grids to avoid any injuries
Low voltage design
For more safety and less impact on marine life

innovation 2018

World's first dual motor underwater scooter


Speed up to 5,4 km/h

Glide underwater up to 1.5 m/s


Waterproof up to 40 m

Patented industrial level sealing technique


Ergonomic and handy

Press the buttons on both sides to activate the scooter


Support GoPro

Record your unforgettable moments underwater with your action camera


Cabin baggage compatible

The Federal Aviation Administration Approved 122W Portable Lithium Battery

Sublue Whiteshark Mix

Technical specifications

Sublue Whiteshark Mix

Available in 3 colors

Space blue
Aqua Blue
Space blue
Aqua Blue

a companion for your vacations

Create unforgettable memories

The Whiteshark Mix underwater scooter is just waiting to be slipped into your suitcase to ensure maximum adventure during your vacation
Attach your action camera to the dedicated bracket and enjoy underwater exploration and games with family and friends.

underwater scooter

Sublue whiteshark mix

Get equipped for your new adventure