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Underwater scooter customisation: options and ideas

The fascination with underwater exploration has grown in recent years, making underwater scooters, like the Sublue models, increasingly popular with diving enthusiasts and adventurers. These underwater scooters offer a unique underwater experience, but it’s the customisation that makes each adventure truly unforgettable. Whether for aesthetic, performance or functional reasons, customising your underwater scooter can greatly enhance your diving experience.

Customisation options

Colours and Design

One of the most exciting aspects of personalising your underwater scooter is the choice of colours and design. By changing the look of your scooter, you not only stand out in the depths of the sea, you also add a personal touch that reflects your style. Options range from bright colours to personalised patterns, allowing every diver to find their own unique expression.

Accessories and Features

As well as aesthetics, adding accessories and upgrading functionality are essential to enhance your experience. For example, integrating a camera to capture underwater photos or adding lights for deep-sea dives.

When it comes to customisation, Sublue underwater scooters offer a variety of options to enhance both experience and functionality. Here are some key accessories:

Float for WhiteShark Mix

This accessory not only improves buoyancy and durability, but also allows you to personalise your underwater scooter and express your style.

Sublue’s Navbow and Navbow+ propeller guard is not only an essential safety accessory that prevents accidents by preventing direct contact with rotating propellers, but it also serves as a personalising element for your underwater scooter. Available in a range of colours, it allows you to tailor the appearance of your scooter to your own preferences, or to coordinate it with the rest of your diving equipment. This colour customisation adds a touch of personalised aesthetics while retaining the safety functionality of the grille.

La grille de protection d’hélices pour les modèles Whiteshark Mix et Mix Pro de Sublue est disponible en trois couleurs différentes. Ces options de couleur permettent aux utilisateurs de personnaliser l’apparence de leur scooter sous-marin tout en bénéficiant d’une protection accrue.

The propeller guard for Sublue’s Whiteshark Mix and Mix Pro models is available in three different colours. These colour options allow users to personalise the appearance of their underwater scooter while benefiting from increased protection.

Sublue Whiteshark Tini stickers are accessories designed to personalise your underwater scooter. These stickers add a personal touch to your equipment, with designs or patterns that reflect your personal style or taste.

Stickers for the Whiteshark Tini are easy to apply and designed to withstand underwater conditions, meaning they won’t easily get damaged in the water.

autocollant tini

Ideal for underwater photography enthusiasts, this arm allows you to attach an action camera to capture impressive images during your dives.

bras d'extension

H1 bracket for Mix Pro Sublue underwater scooter

This bracket allows you to attach the Sublue H1 connected smartphone box directly to your underwater scooter. The H1 box is an innovative device that lets you control your scooter and access its functions via your phone, enhancing your underwater navigation experience.

support h1

These stickers improve the stability of your scooter, and are available in a range of colours for an attractive customised look.

An essential accessory for advanced divers, offering safety and comfort while using the underwater scooter.

The specific ballast weight for Navbow and Navbow + seascooters ensures increased stability underwater, facilitating a smoother sailing experience without the worry of excessive buoyancy.

pois de lestage

Designed for photography enthusiasts, this platform allows you to attach cameras and other accessories for an enhanced diving experience.

These accessories not only enhance the aesthetics of your underwater thruster, they also increase its functional capabilities, making every dive more practical and enjoyable.

Plate-forme photographique
batterie 98 ou 158

Available in 98Wh or 158Wh versions, this battery offers extended scuba diving time, perfect for longer underwater exploration sessions.

With a capacity of 122Wh, this battery extends its operating time by up to 30 minutes when in use, making it ideal for extended explorations.

batterie 122

Create your underwater signature

Personalising your underwater scooter is not just a question of style; it represents a unique opportunity to tailor your diving experience to your personal preferences and needs. By choosing from a variety of accessories and customisation options, each diver has the freedom to design a scooter that not only reflects their identity but also enhances their interaction with the underwater world.

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