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Sublue at CES Las Vegas 2024

Presentation of the new Sublue 2024 products

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is renowned as the world’s leading event for technological innovation, and this year again, from Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 January 2024, Sublue stood out from the crowd with its revolutionary underwater scooters. Sublue, a key player in the world of water sports, presented its latest creations, including the famous Vapor underwater scooter, which combines top-of-the-range design with exceptional performance. In this article, we dive into the world of Sublue to find out how these underwater machines are redefining deep-sea exploration.

entrée du CES

At the heart of CES, Sublue shone with its range of underwater scooters, attracting the attention of technology enthusiasts and sea lovers alike. The Sublue stand was a real spectacle, showcasing models such as the Whiteshark Mix, the Navbow and the Whiteshark Tini. These products, symbols of Sublue’s innovation and expertise, underlined the brand’s commitment to pushing back the boundaries of underwater technology.

The future of underwater life

The underwater scooter market is booming, and Sublue is leading the way thanks to its ability to innovate. The brand differentiates itself through the diversity of its range, catering for the needs of different users, from novices to experienced divers. Sublue continues to push back the frontiers of underwater exploration, promising a future where discovering the oceans will be accessible to all.

The Sublue stand is synonymous with innovation

All Sublue products presented

Carefully organised and prepared by the Sublue factory, the stand at CES proudly represented the brand, displaying the full range of underwater scooters: the Whiteshark Mix, Mix Pro, Navbow and Navbow+, along with their accessories. Each top-of-the-range product reflected Sublue’s innovation and advanced technology.

kit sup paddle ces

A dedicated area also showcased the WhiteShark Tini, demonstrating its modularity and multiple configurations, such as the Supp Paddle Kit, designed to enhance the user experience.

Presentation of new products

Sublue’s Vapor, a stylish underwater scooter available in red and grey, made a big impression at CES. Combining modern design and high performance, it turns diving into an extraordinary experience. First presented at Cannes, the Vapor will soon be available in France from this spring, offering diving enthusiasts a new way of discovering the seabed.


The WhiteShark Max 2 Sublue ROV underwater drone

Sublue has also introduced an underwater drone (ROV), which boasts exceptional capabilities for exploring and capturing underwater images, opening up new horizons for lovers of the sea.


New for 2024: the Sublue outboard engine

Sublue’s latest innovation, an outboard motor, marks an important step in the brand’s evolution. Initially renowned for its underwater mini-propellers, Sublue is extending its range with this versatile and powerful product, suitable for a variety of water sports.

This new product illustrates Sublue’s desire to meet a variety of aquatic needs and underlines its commitment to offering complete solutions for all marine enthusiasts. This development reinforces Sublue’s position as a key player in the field of marine equipment.

Sublue is introducing an exciting new segment: electric drive systems for RIBs and dinghies with outboard motors. They are also innovating with a pool robot and an underwater drone, venturing out of their comfort zone. This major breakthrough was a key point in their presentation at CES in Las Vegas, demonstrating their ambition and innovation in the field.

Sublue wireless pool cleaner

robot piscine

The Sublue stand also featured an impressive pool robot, illustrating Sublue’s diversity and technological creativity. This robot, designed for large pools, demonstrates Sublue’s commitment to providing complete solutions for water lovers.

Robot piscine

A step towards the future

Sublue’s presence at CES in Las Vegas clearly highlighted its expertise in underwater scooters, while underlining its ability to innovate and renew aquatic experiences.

What particularly impressed visitors was the opportunity to discover and test these innovations. Sublue set up a space where people could try out different models of underwater scooters in a small pool, offering an immersive and interactive experience. This initiative generated palpable enthusiasm among participants, who were delighted to be able to try out the products themselves.

In addition, Sublue organised conferences to present its products in detail, giving visitors a better understanding of the features and benefits of each model. These presentations not only raised Sublue’s profile, but also established a direct link with its audience, demonstrating its commitment to users and its desire to involve them in the world of underwater exploration.

In short, Sublue’s impact at CES is not limited to the presentation of innovative products; it extends to the creation of a genuine community experience. Sublue’s advances in marine equipment position the brand as a major player in the underwater exploration revolution, while bringing people closer to the hidden wonders of the oceans.    

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