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Navbow vs Navbow+

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Choose your underwater adventure companion

Diving enthusiasts looking for a high-performance, top-of-the-range underwater scooter often turn to technology and power. At first glance, the Navbow underwater scooters and the Navbow+ from Sublue look identical. But we’re going to show you that the Navbow+ is designed to meet the demands of the most demanding divers. With its additional features, it is also suitable for water sports enthusiasts. This underwater scooter is accessible to everyone in both salt and fresh water. We’ll look at why it’s the best underwater scooter for sea trips.

The best power-to-weight ratio for an underwater scooter

The two Navbow and Navbow + underwater scooters are small in size, weighing just 5 kg, and offer battery autonomy with 3 speeds, providing 60 minutes of use in first gear. Second gear lasts 30 minutes and third gear 8 minutes plus 15 minutes in second gear. These autonomies are achieved with constant use of the underwater thruster. They can dive to depths of up to 40 metres, reaching speeds of 3.6 km/h, 6 km/h and 7.2 km/h. The 158 Wh battery power is standard for both, providing sufficient energy for most dives with your underwater scooter and allowing it to be transported by plane.

The best value underwater scooters

The first notable difference is the price, with the Navbow+ priced at €1,649 inc VAT, a step up from the €1,399 inc VAT of the Navbow. This price increase is justified by the enhanced features that the Navbow+ offers. For example, although both models of underwater scooter can have a fast charger. This is optional for the Navbow and standard for the Navbow+. This reduces the charging time from 3h30 to just 2 hours, a precious time-saver for active divers.

Accessories and options also play a part in differentiating the two Sublue scooters. Both models come with a carrying case, safety leash and ballast weights. The Navbow+ includes the fast charger in the price, while for the Navbow you have to buy it separately for an extra $120.

The navbow underwater scooter with a futuristic design

The Navbow underwater scooter with a futuristic designThe Navbow and Navbow+ don’t just offer superior performance. They also stand out for their futuristic, top-of-the-range design. Available in 2 colours per model, these scooters add a touch of personalisation to your equipment. For the Navbow, you can choose between Red Flame and Active Green, and for the Navbow + between Orange Flame and Phantom Grey.

The Navbow+ technological advantage

Where the Navbow+ really shines is in its advanced technological offerings. Unlike the Navbow, the Navbow+ underwater scooter is equipped with a depth sensor. A digital compass and a temperature sensor, all essential tools for divers. This information is displayed on an OLED screen for the Navbow and Navbow+ scooters. It allows depth programming with alerts, data recording and sharing. And it even offers battery programming with an alert system, ensuring that divers are well informed about their environment and the state of their equipment.

The Navbow+ and Navbow are adaptable for use in both fresh and salt water. The Navbow+ features automatic calibration, adjustable geomagnetic tilt and the latest anti-corrosion technology. This makes it a more robust and reliable choice for a variety of underwater scooter diving conditions.

Conclusion: The verdict

The Navbow and Navbow+ are both robust, top-of-the-range underwater scooters for cruising at sea. But the Navbow+ stands out for users who want state-of-the-art equipment that’s easy to handle. Its extra features not only offer greater convenience and quicker set-up. But they also provide improved safety and a wealth of information at your fingertips, justifying the extra cost. The Navbow remains a solid choice for exploration with an underwater scooter. Ultimately, the choice between the Navbow and the Navbow+ will depend on your diving needs, the frequency of your dives and your desire for technological improvements under the sea.

It’s time to choose the underwater scooter that will accompany your next aquatic adventure. Visit Sublue today to select the Navbow model that’s right for you. Whether it’s for its unrivalled performance or its vibrant colours. Dive into the future of underwater exploration with Sublue.

Choose wisely and dive safely with your Navbow or Navbow+ underwater scooter from Sublue!

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