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Poseidon Yachting at the Monaco Yacht Show

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The must-attend event for the yachting industry

The yachting industry, the ultimate symbol of luxury, elegance and freedom at sea, has been the subject of worldwide fascination for decades. Not only does it embody an exclusive lifestyle reserved for a wealthy elite, it is also a reflection of cutting-edge marine engineering and high-flying aesthetics. In the yachting industry, dreams take shape beneath the majestic silhouette of yachts, where every detail, from design to performance, is carefully crafted to deliver an unrivalled experience at sea. It’s in this world apart, where luxury meets technology, that the Monaco Yacht Show takes place, an unmissable event that celebrates this exciting industry and lets its jewels shine on the international stage.

In this article, we delve into the exclusive world of the Monaco Yacht Show, an annual event that brings together the greatest names in yachting to present their most extraordinary creations.

The Monaco Yacht Show

The benchmark event in the yachting industry

The Monaco Yacht Show, or MYS for those in the know, is without doubt one of the most prestigious and iconic events in the global yachting industry. Each year, this extraordinary boat show attracts worldwide attention as yacht enthusiasts, luxury lovers and industry professionals converge on the magnificent Principality of Monaco.

A Prestigious History

The Monaco Yacht Show, a symbol of elegance and exclusivity, was created over three decades ago by the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco. Since then, this iconic event has remained the undisputed global benchmark for the luxury yachting world, attracting industry heavyweights and discerning enthusiasts from around the globe.

yacht club monaco

A Gathering of Excellence

yacht sur le port hercule

Every September, Monaco’s Port Hercule is transformed into a spectacular showcase for superyachts, mega-yachts and luxury yachts. More than 125 majestic yachts, some happily exceeding 100 meters in length, are displayed in all their splendor, attracting the attention of thousands of amazed visitors.

International customers

MYS attracts a wealthy international clientele, from yacht owners to potential buyers, designers to brokers, captains to crews. It’s the perfect place to make contacts, close deals and soak up the unique atmosphere of the yachting industry.

A breathtaking view

Monaco’s exceptional setting provides an incomparable backdrop for this event. Visitors can admire the luxury yachts while enjoying panoramic views of the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains, creating an atmosphere of refinement and glamour.

Innovation, Luxury and Design

The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 is much more than just a yacht show. It’s also a must-attend event for industry players, showcasing the latest technological advances, cutting-edge equipment and design trends. Visitors have the opportunity to explore not only the yachts themselves, but also the luxury products and services that accompany them.

Sublue, underwater scooters

This year was a first for Poseidon Yachting, and the stand was illuminated by the presence of Sublue, one of the pioneers of the underwater scooter market. Nestled among the sumptuous yachts on display, Sublue enthralled visitors with its avant-garde technologies dedicated to underwater exploration. With its elegantly designed underwater propulsion systems and passion for underwater adventure, Sublue undoubtedly added a touch of innovation and fascination to the show. Visitors had a unique opportunity to discover the future of diving, combining cutting-edge technology with a passion for the sea.

scooter sous marin sublue sur le stand de Monaco

Show highlights

The Royal Visit to the Monaco Yacht Show: A Prestigious Moment

The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 was marked by the royal visit of the Prince of Monaco, Sovereign of the Rock, alongside Pierre Dartout, Minister of State, and Céline Caron-Dagioni, Government Councillor – Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Planning. This prestigious event was honored by the presence of His Serene Highness, who lent his unwavering support to the yachting industry, while underlining the importance of the environment and sustainable development in the marine world. The Prince’s visit was a highlight of the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, highlighting the Principality’s ongoing commitment to excellence and the preservation of its natural resources.

Luxury yachts on show


Tecnomar’s “THIS IS IT” project captivates with its innovative design. Inspired by technology and nature, the yacht’s asymmetrical plan and captivating silhouette defy aesthetic standards. The owner was looking for an exceptional and distinctive yacht, with state-of-the-art performance and comfort for guests. Weight control and aerodynamics played a crucial role, given the massive use of glass. The interiors reflect the futuristic, sporty theme, with refined materials and a color palette of beige and platinum gray with accents of gold, bronze and titanium.

yacht this is it salon Monaco

My Leona

yacht leona

Representing the second hull in Turkish shipyard Bilgin’s 263 series, the 80m (263ft) superyacht LEONA has just been launched from their Istanbul fitting-out center. With her flowing, elegant silhouette and crimson hull, her exterior design is the result of a collaboration between the shipyard and Antalya-based naval architects Unique Yacht Design, while the renowned H2 Yacht Design took care of the interior.

Sublue's Vapor on display on the Imperial Princess Beatrice

The presentation of Sublue’s Vapor 2024 on the bathing platform of the Imperial Princess Beatrice yacht. This technological novelty aroused great interest at the show. It was displayed in all its splendor on this majestic yacht. The Sublue Vapor 2024, with its revolutionary underwater propulsion, aroused the curiosity of visitors, confirming Sublue’s position as a major innovator in the world of underwater exploration.

toys sur yacht salon monaco

Exclusive evenings

A model fashion show

salon monaco défilé

Elegance and glamour took over the Monaco Yacht Show 2023 as the iconic Italian brand Riva staged a fashion show for models. This exclusive event showcased the perfect alliance between fashion, luxury and the nautical world. The models, adorned in elegant outfits, strolled gracefully along the Riva docks, highlighting the harmony between the brand’s timeless design and the sophistication of haute couture. This unique collaboration added a further touch of prestige to the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, where the Mediterranean art of living was celebrated in all its facets.

A parade of collector cars

voiture de collection

The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 not only showcased yachts and fashion, it also witnessed a sensational car show with a parade of classic cars. Classic car enthusiasts had the opportunity to contemplate iconic models, symbols of the elegance and power of a bygone era.

voiture luxe salon monaco

Goodbye, Monaco Yacht Show 2023

As we conclude our exploration of the Monaco Yacht Show, it’s imperative to salute the organization of this flagship event for the yachting industry. The Monaco Yacht Show embodies the pinnacle of luxury, technology and innovation in the marine domain, and would not have been possible without the tireless commitment and bold vision of its organizers. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the dedicated team who work behind the scenes to make this show such a success, year after year.

The Monaco Yacht Show is much more than just an event; it’s a captivating experience that unites yacht enthusiasts, industry players and lovers of the sea in a celebration of the exceptional. We’re grateful to have been able to share these memorable moments with our readers, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this global showcase of excellence.

So, to the Monaco Yacht Show organization, to all the exhibitors, visitors, and enthusiasts, we say: Thank you for your dedication to the yachting industry and for creating an event that continues to amaze and inspire the world.

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