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The Sublue x Vilebrequin underwater scooter


logo de la collaboration sublue et vilebrequin

Exclusive design of the WhiteShark Mix Sublue underwater scooter

We are proud to announce the official release of the new WhiteShark Mix in collaboration with Vilebrequin.

An underwater scooter for the whole family

The WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter is very popular in the world of diving and snorkeling because it has amazing power and a small size. It is also very manoeuvrable and light, making it accessible to all members of the family, including children. So everyone can have fun with this underwater scooter.

The Mix has a good battery life and can be replaced in less than 20 seconds. By adding a second battery, you can double the operating time. The acceleration is gradual, so there is no jerking, which is nice for children and new users.

Why crankshaft?

Vilebrequin, a world leader in the world of swimwear, stands out for its commitment to ecology and the preservation of the aquatic environment. This collaboration was an obvious choice. We worked together to produce a magnificent limited edition of 299 units of the Sublue WhiteShark Mix, the world’s best-selling underwater scooter.

An underwater scooter, but not only ...

This limited edition comes with a quick charger, a pair of spare propellers in Vilebrequin colours and a Vilebrequin carry bag.

Each scooter is unique with laser engraved numbers from 001 to 299.

Available in Vilebrequin shops and in our distribution network.

Dive in and let yourself be enchanted by the most beautiful of spectacles: the natural harmony of marine life, so dear to Vilebrequin and Sublue. Save time, energy, enjoy every moment and don’t forget to share your best shots!

How did the idea for this collaboration come about?

Interviewer: François, can you tell us how this collaboration with Vilebrequin came about?

François Prieto (CEO Sublue): Of course! In January 2020, I went to Saint-Barthélemy to organise the photo shoot for the new Sublue brochure. During this first session, we were lucky enough to work with Elias, the captain of a boat we met for the shoot. He was extremely happy to have received a Vilebrequin swimming costume as a Christmas present. His smile and pride throughout the five days of work was a real inspiration to us. That’s when the idea of working with Vilebrequin started to grow in my mind.

Interviewer: What made you choose Vilebrequin as the ideal partner for this collaboration?

François Prieto (CEO Sublue): The enthusiasm shown by Elias when we met reinforced my intuition about the ideal brand for this collaboration. Back in France, I contacted Vilebrequin to start the process of this future collaboration. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to our plans.

Interviewer: How did you finally manage to make this collaboration with Vilebrequin a reality?

François Prieto (CEO Sublue): In 2022, I got back in touch with Vilebrequin to discuss the idea of creating a Vilebrequin X Sublue swimming costume and underwater scooter. However, designing the swimming costume turned out to be more complex than expected, as these products are usually made 18 months in advance for the coming seasons. Therefore, we did not have the possibility to get exclusive colours for this collaboration. Despite this, the idea was still attractive to Vilebrequin and Sublue. So we decided to focus our creativity on the complete design of the underwater scooter, giving it original colours representative of the brand.

Interviewer: Marc Pirinoli, how did you perceive this proposal of collaboration between the two brands?

Marc Pirinoli (CEO Vilebrequin EMEA): I already knew the Sublue brand, so when François told me about this collaboration between our two brands, it immediately made sense to me. Vilebrequin is globally recognised as the number one swimwear brand, while Sublue is the world leader in underwater scooters. This promises to be an exciting alliance, combining our respective strengths to offer a unique experience to water recreation enthusiasts.

Interviewer: Roland Herlory, can you tell us about your first impressions of the Sublue product when you discovered it?

Roland Herlory (CEO Vilebrequin): I have to admit that I was not originally familiar with the product. However, when Marc told me about it, I was intrigued and so I asked to try it myself. As soon as I experienced the design and felt the joy of it, I was immediately hooked. I am convinced that this collaboration between Vilebrequin and Sublue will bring a new dynamic and a dose of good humour to the whole world.

How did the design of the underwater scooter for this collaboration come about?

Interviewer: Roland Herlory, as CEO of Vilebrequin, can you tell us about the origin of the idea to create this special edition design?


Roland Herlory (CEO Vilebrequin): Indeed, I first had the idea to feature an octopus for this design. The inspiration came from the buzz created by the swimming costume worn by Jeff Bezos during a summer in Saint Tropez. However, within the group, the iconic Vilebrequin turtle won the consensus.


Interviewer: François Prieto, as CEO of Sublue France, why did you choose the iconic Vilebrequin turtle for this collaboration?


François Prieto (CEO Sublue): The turtle, which embodies the Vilebrequin brand image, seemed to me to be the most logical choice. It has become a recognisable and appreciated symbol for Vilebrequin’s customers. Therefore, I was very much in favour of this choice for this collaboration between our two brands.

Why did you decide to create a limited edition?

Interviewer: Marc Pirinoli, as a representative of Vilebrequin, can you explain the decision to produce a limited edition of 299 copies for this collaboration?


Marc Pirinoli (DG Vilebrequin EMEA): Indeed, within the Vilebrequin group, we took the decision to produce a limited edition of 299 pieces, in line with our usual practice for limited editions of swimwear.


Interviewer: Roland Herlory, as CEO of Vilebrequin, how did you feel about this proposal to limit production to 299 pieces?


Roland Herlory (CEO Vilebrequin): Marc suggested to me to limit the production to 299 pieces, in coherence with our limited editions of swimwear. I found this idea very relevant and in line with our approach.


Interviewer: François Prieto, why did you feel it was important to have a limited edition for this collaboration?


François Prieto (CEO Sublue): For me, having a limited edition was consistent and meaningful. It allowed us to move away from mass production and create an exclusive and collectible collaboration. We wanted to offer something unique to our customers, reinforcing the special character of this collaboration between Sublue and Vilebrequin.

Why did you choose the WhiteShark mix?

Interviewer: François Prieto, can you tell us about the WhiteShark Mix?


François Prieto (CEO Sublue): Indeed, the WhiteShark Mix is our flagship model and the best selling underwater scooter on the planet. It is also the very first scooter we developed at Sublue. It’s a product that has been remarkably successful, especially with amateurs.


Interviewer: Roland Herlory, why did you choose the WhiteShark Mix for this collaboration with Sublue?


Roland Herlory (CEO Vilebrequin): For me, the WhiteShark Mix offered the largest surface for decoration, which allowed us to customize it with the Vilebrequin logo. It was the perfect model to express our brand identity in a creative and visual way.


Interviewer: Marc Pirinoli, can you explain what convinced you to adopt the WhiteShark Mix for this collaboration?


Marc Pirinoli (CEO Vilebrequin EMEA): My son was already using the WhiteShark Mix during the summer, so I was familiar with this underwater scooter. What really convinced me was the accessibility it offers. Whether it’s for my son or for people who are not very comfortable in the water or who are apprehensive, this scooter is perfect. When I saw that my son could use it in just two minutes, it really reassured me how easy it was to manoeuvre. Vilebrequin is all about family values and the WhiteShark Mix fits in well with our brand DNA. Elegant and easy to use.

François Prieto CEO Sublue France                                                                   Roland Herlory CEO Vilebrequin

découverte scooter sous marin sublue x vilebrequin avec les représentants des marques

Marc Pirinoli DG Vilebrequin EMEA                                                               François Prieto CEO Sublue France                               

How do I get an underwater scooter?

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you explore the ocean floor in style and originality. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be among the privileged few to own this limited edition Vilebrequin WhiteShark Mix.

Thanks to Sublue for listening to us, all this was possible thanks to their flexibility and their technical and financial investment to make it possible.

scooter sous marin sublue whiteshark mix en collaboration avec vilebrequin avec les représentants sublue et sublue france

François Prieto CEO Sublue France                                                                                  Chris Zhang CEO Sublue 

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