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Sublue: the best underwater scooter to choose from

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In short, we’re proud of the modularity and versatility of our underwater scooters, but we also know that choosing the right equipment is essential for a successful holiday. Looking for a thruster for the sea or pool but don’t know which one to choose? Once again, our underwater thrusters are the ideal choice for any adventurer looking for thrills and maximum speed, offering exceptional modularity and versatility. Our scooters come with a variety of features, allowing users to choose according to their unique needs.

The perfect underwater scooter for diving and aquatic exploration

Does underwater adventure sound tempting? Looking for a thrill? Ready to explore the great unknown?

Scuba diving will be child’s play. Defy the depths with Sublue’s Navbow or Navbow+. These powerful electric thrusters will allow you to dive in complete safety at speeds of up to 7.2km/h and move with ease underwater. Thanks to their advanced technology, these scooters will give you powerful propulsion and an unforgettable diving experience.

Their ergonomic design and ease of use make them the ideal tool for exploring the seabed and making the most of every dive.

The underwater scooter for unforgettable moments with friends!

Looking for a new way to add excitement and adventure to your time in the water with friends? Races with friends, pirouettes in fresh or salt water? It’s perfect for a day of snorkelling and exploring the depths of the ocean.

So go for the versatility of the Sublue WhiteShark Mix or Mix Pro. These underwater thrusters will give you unique experiences at speeds of up to 6.5km/h. Whether you want to explore coral reefs, take part in crazy races or simply enjoy a ride. Our Sublue underwater scooters offer you endless possibilities.

Underwater scooters: a water adventure for all ages!

Small and compact, the Tini or Hagul EZ can quickly become your children’s favourite toy: on its own, with a float or an inflatable board. And for the very young, try the SWII, our motorised board.

Tired of the same old water games and looking for something new and exciting for your kids? How about a cheap underwater scooter? Look no further than our underwater scooter! This great product offers an exciting way to have fun in your pool.

So imagine diving into the water and being propelled with ease and speed thanks to our underwater thruster. You can glide with ease underwater, discovering the mysteries of your pool and having the time of your life. Whether for adults or children, our underwater scooter is an innovative and fun way to enjoy your swimming time.

Discover the VAPOR: power and underwater adventure for sports enthusiasts

Discover the Vapor, the new sensation of the seas. Designed for dynamic, sporty men, the Vapor is the underwater scooter that redefines power and performance. Whether you’re exploring shipwrecks or simply looking to add a dose of adrenalin to your outings with friends, the Vapor is the ideal underwater scooter. With cutting-edge technology and exceptional manoeuvrability, it opens the door to a limitless underwater world. Ideal for those who are not content to float on the surface, the Vapor invites you to conquer the seabed with strength and elegance. Get ready to take your diving experience to the next level and create unforgettable moments underwater. With the Vapor, every dive becomes an epic adventure.

Underwater scooters for everyone with Sublue

Whether you’re passionate about scuba diving, looking for excitement with friends, or simply looking for an adventure. Sublue underwater scooters are the ideal companions. Their performance and adaptability make these underwater thrusters essential equipment. Whether you’re looking to challenge the depths, have fun with friends, or give your children an aquatic experience. Sublue offers a varied range to meet all your needs. So dive into the adventure and explore the infinite possibilities that our scooters have to offer.

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